Ten years of painting I-II

Works from the series "Ten years of painting" are peculiar, cynical artistic anti manifesto. Dawicki, who has numerous performances and conceptual works to his credit, has commissioned executing a series of paintings illustrating various types of fungi growing on the walls.




Premiere show of "Street portraits" - 12 portraits of Oskar Dawicki made by street portrait-painters in various European cities, such as: Gdańsk, Cracow, Berlin, Paris, Prague. Among them is a self-portrait by the artist. The pictures are accompanied by a photo and video documentation.



"Help!", title of the exhibition in Raster has been taken from the artist's private card which, instead of the usual practical information such as the address of telephone number, bears just this silent cry next to his name. The premiere showing of the "Advertising Project" - a collection of advertising prints with a "subtenant". This collection is also an example of a peculiar, "modern" self-portrait of an artist, who, like a medieval craftsmen leaves his mark on the stone blocks he cuts. The contemporary artist does not erect monumental temples in God's honor, instead - quite prosaically - he makes his living working in the advertisement sector.