Adverising project, 2002
Series of 12 posters and leaflets, offset print

Working for over two years as a graphic artist in one of Cracow's advertising agencies, Dawicki had placed his microscopic self-portrait on posters, leaflets and folders commissioned by producers of heating equipment, medical and health products or heavy industry raw materials suppliers. All prints have been reproduced in thousands of copies and distributed according to their function, while the hidden miniature artist's face remained unnoticed.

  Oskar Dawicki - Adverising Project, 2002
Oskar Dawicki - Adverising Project, 2002
Advertising Project #4 - Immergas [red leaflet], 30 x 63 cm

Oskar Dawicki - Adverising Project, 2002
Advertising Project #11 - Slag Recycling [double page], 30 x 42 cm

In Homage to Bruce Lee, 2003
hole in the wall in the shape of human figure, life-size

Initially the work was realized in Raster, next in the Wyspa Progress Art Institute, Gdańsk. However, the first attempt at realizing the piece ended in failure - smashing a hole in the wall of gallery Rotor in Graz proved impossible. The model version of the work was also not realized so far, with the hole being smashed in the outer wall of a building.

Oskar Dawicki - In Homage to Bruce Lee, 2003
In Homage to Bruce Lee, 2003, Raster

Oskar Dawicki - In Homage to Bruce Lee, 2004
In Homage to Bruce Lee, 2004, Instytut Sztuki Wyspa, Gdańsk

Obituaries, 2004
series of 5 photographs, 60 x 80 cm each

Photographs depict groups of obituaries with names of people strikingly similar to many well-known personas from the world of politics, sport, philosophy, art and entertainment. All obituaries have the same date of death 14.06.2004. The photographs were exhibited for the first time at the artist's solo show "The End of the world by accident" in Potocka Gallery, Cracow. The gallery has also published a print version of the project (2007).

Oskar Dawicki - Obituaries, 2004

Oskar Dawicki - Obituaries, 2004

Ten years of painting I-II, 2005
series of 20 paintings, acrylic on canvas, video screeningo

The artist's rebellious return to painting after a 10-year-long break. Dawicki has commissioned his colleague to execute (basing on sketches and photographs) a series of paintings illustrating in detail various types of fungi growing on the walls. The accompanying video forms the second part of the project: we see the above-mentioned paintings and the artist who, by snapping his fingers, makes them disappear or reappear. The third part is a video recording of the lecture of the curator Maria Anna Potocka, who guides a group of visitors, interpreting the paintings according to conventional categories of history of modern art.

Oskar Dawicki - Ten Years of Painting, 2005
Myrothecium Verrucaria (from the Ten years of painting I series), 2005, acrylic on canvas, 25 x 25 cm


Misunderstanding [1], 2007
casted rubber, plexi, painted wood, stickers, 175 x 110 x 50 cm

In an incredible way, bent fishing rods fill containers resembling empty aquariums. This is the moment when the artist reveals the transgressive potential of his art - instead of communication, "Misunderstanding" becomes its new paradigm. The work was realized for a solo exhibition organized by Folkwang Museum at RWE Turm, Essen.

  Oskar Dawicki - Misunderstanding [1], 2007

Oskar Dawicki - Misunderstanding [1], 2007

Vanitas, 2005
groceries, photographs of expiry dates, times

A collection of groceries the best before dates of which expire during the exhibition. The timers placed by each of the products display the time left to their "death" - each day of the exhibition another product expires, as the exhibition ends all products are inedible.

Oskar Dawicki - Vanitas, 2005

Oskar Dawicki - Vanitas, 2005
Vanitas, 2005, installation view, Center for Contemporary Art, Warsaw (2005)