How to draw the Pope, 2001
oil on canvas, 120 x 120 cm

Rafal Bujnowski was born in Wadowice, hometown of Karol Wojtyla. In the course of a few years
Rafal has created a number of works referring to the Polish pope. The first being a diagram-painting showing how one could easily paint a portrait of John Paul II. On the basis of this model, Bujnowski executed a series of 33 identical paintings of the pope. An analogous diagram was created for drawings, and published by Raster in a unique edition of 30 copies in the album "Good" (2001).

  Rafal Bujnowski - How to paint a pope, 2001

Pope, 2001-2002
oil on canvas, 50 x 40 cm, series of 33 identical paintings

Portrait of the pope painted in 33 copies according to the painting "How to draw the Pope" and then included by the artist in the series "Paintings - objects" as an example of a "practical painting, desired by each Pole".

Rafal Bujnowski - Pope, 2001

Untitled (portrait of the pope on the wall), 2005
oil on canvas, 48 cm x 62 cm

One of two paintings of a portrait of the pope, executed by Bujnowski earlier, hanging on the wall. This one however, has a passť-partout and a black frame, as it was created soon after the pope's death. The works are based on the idea used previously in the series entitled "Walls and paintings" (2003)

Rafal Bujnowski - Untitled, 2005

Last saved, 2004
8 wooden shelves, 120 x 65 x 40 cm each

A replica of the only surviving piece of furniture from Karol Wojtyla's house. The original shelf - a typical product of the furniture industry from the beginning of the 20th century - with traces of use, is in the collection of the John Paul II Museum in Wadowice. Bujnowski has replicated this exhibit. 8 new "papal-shelves" were produced, at the agreement of the episcopate, in an antique furniture renewal studio in Cracow.

  Rafal Bujnowski - Last saved, 2004
Rafal Bujnowski - Last saved, 2004

Rafal Bujnowski - Last saved, 2004

Last saved, 2004, photographs taken at the antique furniture renewal studio in Cracow documenting the process of shelf production


Poprostuwszedzie, 1999
painting on the billboard of Galeria Otwarta, Cracow.

On the occasion of another papal visit to Cracow, Rafal Bujnowski, Marcin Maciejowski and Wilhelm Sasnal, using the billboards belonging to Rafal's Galeria Otwarta, have created works referring to the atmosphere of the "papal rush" in the city. The minimalist work by Bujnowski referred to the ubiquitous Vatican flag.

Rafal Bujnowski - Billboard, 1999