Outer space, 2007
oil on canvas, Ø 180 cm

Works from the "Outer space" series develop the artist's previous interest in the tension between the mimetic aspect of a painting and its mechanical execution. The result of the nearly automatic process of covering the canvas with lines of equal length is a view of a starlit sky. So, the picture represents not only the things that were painted (hundreds of dark lines on white canvas), but at the same time the associations connected with this abstract view. As points of view and distance from the painting changes, the scales of its meaning turn from the material and processual towards the illusionistic aspect of the work.

Rafal Bujnowski - Cosmos - detail

Rafal Bujnowski - Cosmos, 2007

Rafal Bujnowski - Cosmos, 2007
Outer space, 2007, photo from the exhibition "Several dozen seconds of a badly developed film", Raster (2007)

Rafal Bujnowski - Cosmos, 2007
Outer space, 2007, subsequent stages of the painting's execution