Opening: 21.02.2009, 6 - 9 p.m; The exhibition will be open until 28.03.2009


A ray of light beaming into a room was the theme of one of Michal Budny's first sculptural installations (Light, 2004). A couple of years later, the artist returns to the subject of light, deconstructing its physical integrity and analyzing the metaphorical senses instead.

The series of most recent works shown in Raster, forms a spatially-uniform whole featuring formally sophisticated studies revolving around the notions of discovering, covering, hiding, lighting up and... painting. To bring something into daylight and, conversely, to hide it from one's sight to protect, but also to pretend that something is not there. In spite of the fact that Budny's works employ the language of abstraction and imagination in a more and more determined and unconstrained manner, they maintain an extraordinary discipline and emotional intelligence. Interpersonal threads, once strongly visible in the works about interpersonal communication (Announcements, Crumpled Letters) likewise appear in he recent works. Idiot's Mask for example, is a figure of pretending, hiding the real appearance in the shade.
On the other hand, we encounter the works overtly referring to the tradition of modern art (including painting) that focus on the formal analyses of shape, look, light, as in the Still Life With Light Bulbs. Using anti-academic workshop of an 'in-house' artist, Budny imbues his compositions with extraordinary lightness, by either creating almost ephemeral forms, or his unorthodox approach to the materials 'at hand' such as paper, old cardboard, pint, found objects, fragments of his own earlier works, water, honey or... dance.

Formally and materially varied as never before, the works from the Light series seem even more airy than Budny's earlier works. Created out of nothing, they appear unexpectedly, out of the blue. Their materiality becomes more conventional than ever, the works resemble short flashes of thought ant matter. Immateriality seems to be their nature, while the form taken by them, is merely a temporary, 'exhibition' hybrid.
Michal Budny's objects, sculptures and installations remain an individual form of recording the time and space surrounding the artist. Driven by intuition and an extraordinary sense of material, Budny succeeds in creating an autonomous universe of forms, governed by its own logic and principles. One of the basic tenets is minimalism - attaining the full shape and sense in the most modest means, such as the seemingly accidental wrinkling of a sheet of packing paper. Those simplest, physical gestures hold the whole secret and the vital aspect of life - light. As the artist points out: 'Light is like blood'.

The exhibition in Raster coincides with a major retrospective of the artist in the Centre For Contemporary Art Ujazdowski Castle, Warsaw, which is scheduled to open on March 16 2009.



MICHAŁ BUDNY, bez tytułu, 2008
tektura, papier, folia, 100 cm x 70 cm x 1 cm